Super App for India’s Doctors: Revolutionizing OPD and Conference Management!

Developed for Indian doctors, the app offers a dual solution – efficient management of Outpatient Department (OPD) tasks and a robust virtual conference platform for professional development.

Petals: A decade long journey in revolutionizing Spiritual Learning with a Multilingual Content Platform

Petals, a sophisticated content management system, was created for a non-profit organization to disseminate spiritual texts like the Bhagwad Gita and Shree Dnyaneshwari.

Revolutionizing Agriculture with Affordable IoT Management for Solar Pumps!

Discover ‘Eye’, a revolutionary IoT device management tool specifically crafted for solar water pumps. This tool brings a suite of high-tech features, including custom communication protocols, data encryption, and OTA updates, empowering farmers and officials with unparalleled data management and visualization capabilities.

Figure8: The Infinity Hub for Nurturing Tomorrow’s Startup Giants!

Discover Figure8, an innovative startup incubator symbolizing endless possibilities for emerging startups. Designed as an infinity hub, Figure8 offers a dynamic platform for nurturing innovative ideas, supporting new entrepreneurs, and guiding startups towards sustainable growth and success.

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