1 click merchant onboarding for one of the largest Payment Gateway aggregators in India.

This case study highlights the implementation of a one-click signup system for merchants on Citrus-Pay, which has now been acquired by PayU, a leading payment gateway aggregator in India. The initiative aimed to streamline the merchant onboarding experience, overcoming challenges such as system agility and verification turn around time of merchant accounts.


The payment gateway aggregator faced a critical challenge with their merchant onboarding process, which typically took 7-10 business days, severely impacting their ability to quickly onboard new merchants. This delay was exacerbated by the time-consuming setup of the sandbox environment and the sharing of keys, which itself took almost a week, delaying merchants from testing the SDKs.


Our team sat down with the client, understood the pain points and solved the issue by implementing the following solutions:

  • Streamlined Signup Workflow: Transitioned from a multi-step wizard to a single-click signup process.
  • Instant Sandbox Environment Provisioning: Enabled immediate access to the sandbox environment upon signup.
  • Sample Transaction Demonstration: Included a sample transaction through Citrus Pay Payment Gateway in the onboarding process.
  • Mobile-Responsive Web Interface: Developed an easy-to-use interface for merchants to upload verification documents.
  • Backend System and Sync with Redmine: Created a system to sync documents and status between the back office’s Redmine ticketing tool and the merchant onboarding interface.
  • Parameterized SDK Documents: Customized SDK documents to display the merchant’s sandbox keys.
  • Seamless Transition to Production Setup: Ensured a smooth transition from sandbox to production for merchants.


The reengineered merchant onboarding process for Citrus Pay led to several key outcomes:
  • Rapid Onboarding: Citrus Pay could keep pace with market demand, rapidly onboarding merchants.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): There was a notable improvement in CSAT numbers.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: The conversion of merchants from Sandbox to the production environment improved substantially.
  • Enhanced Sales Team Performance: Sales teams could demonstrate the onboarding process more effectively using mobile devices, thanks to the single-click process.
  • Increased Back Office Productivity: The back office team could predict the onboarding pace better and efficiently communicate document verification status to merchants.
  • 24/7 Onboarding Availability: Merchants gained the flexibility to start their onboarding journey at any time, positively impacting their sales.
These outcomes collectively contributed to a significant improvement in operational efficiency, customer experience, and business performance for Citrus Pay.


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