A zero cost cloud based platform for mental wellness professionals to train, assess and track the mental fitness of athletes and corporate employees.

Discover the transformative journey from a week-long manual mental fitness assessment process to a cutting-edge, automated solution completed in under a minute.


The mental fitness coach, while successful in assisting athletes, faced challenges in expanding services to corporate mental assessment and training. The manual process, involving website inquiries, email communications via Mailchimp, Google Forms for data collection, and manual assessment in Google Sheets, was time-consuming and had a lot of potential for improvement and automation


Our team initiated a comprehensive analysis of the existing manual workflow to develop an enhanced, automated system. The approach involved several key steps:
  • Workflow Analysis and Design: We closely examined the coach’s manual process, from receiving assessment requests to delivering results. Our goal was to understand the bottlenecks and areas where automation could significantly reduce time and effort.
  •  Automating the Google Form Process: The first major step was automating the response to Google Form submissions. Instead of manually checking and responding to each submission, we implemented an automated system that instantly processed the responses and fed them into the next stage of the workflow.
  • Data Processing and Analysis Automation: We developed an algorithm that automatically analyzed Google Sheets data, calculating the mental fitness scores for each factor on a scale of 100. This eliminated the need for manual calculations and significantly sped up the process.
  • Dynamic Report Generation: Our system was designed to not only compute scores but also generate personalized assessment reports. We incorporated rich visual elements, like richter scale images, to visually represent the assessment scores, enhancing the user experience.
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Tools: The automation was integrated with existing tools like Mailchimp and Google Sheets, ensuring that the transition to the new system was smooth and did not disrupt the coach’s established workflow.
  • Personalized Assessment Reports: We implemented a system where each client’s responses directly influenced the content and layout of their assessment report. This personalization extended beyond mere textual content to include dynamic elements tailored to the individual’s responses.
  • Dynamic Visualization Integration: Based on user responses, the system automatically generated rich visual elements. For instance, richter scale images were used to depict mental fitness scores, making the data more engaging and easier to comprehend for clients.
  • Responsive Report Design: The reports were designed to be visually appealing and informative, adapting dynamically to display personalized data in an interactive format. This approach significantly enhanced the user experience, making each report not only a reflection of the client’s mental fitness but also a unique, personalized analysis.
  • User-Driven Content Adaptation: The content within the assessment reports was not static; it changed based on the inputs from the user. This dynamic adaptation ensured that each client received a report that was relevant and specific to their individual assessment results.
  • Testing and Optimization: Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure accuracy and reliability. We continuously refined the algorithm and the report generation process to align with the coach’s standards and expectations.


The deployment of the automated mental fitness assessment platform brought about transformative changes:
  • Enhanced Client Onboarding: The streamlined system allowed the coach to onboard clients more rapidly, effectively expanding the client base. The simplified onboarding process was particularly beneficial in attracting a diverse clientele from different sectors, including sports and corporate.
  • Market Agility and Responsiveness: The reduced processing time significantly improved the coach’s ability to respond to market demands. This agility was key in maintaining a competitive edge and adapting to the evolving needs of various client segments.
  • Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction: Automation enabled the coach to operate a smaller, more efficient back office. This reduction in operational complexity and personnel requirement led to lower operational costs while maintaining high-quality service delivery.
  • Profit Margin Growth: By reducing operational costs and streamlining processes, the coach saw a substantial increase in profit margins. The automation allowed for handling multiple verticals without corresponding increases in operational expenses.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Personalization: The personalized content in the reports, coupled with dynamic visualizations, significantly improved customer satisfaction. Personalized assessments resonated more with clients, leading to a deeper engagement and appreciation of the services.
  • Geographic Expansion of Services: The coach leveraged the platform’s independence from geographic constraints to expand services. Partnerships with other coaches and sports facilities in various regions became feasible, opening new markets and client bases.
  • Scalability Across Verticals: The platform’s design facilitated easy adaptation to different client needs across various industries. This scalability was instrumental in expanding the coach’s clientele beyond the initial focus areas.
  • Improved Time to Market: The coach was able to reduce the time to market for services significantly. This efficiency not only improved client acquisition rates but also enhanced the ability to rapidly deploy new features or adaptations in response to client feedback or market trends.
  • Increased Market Reach and Visibility: As a result of these improvements, the coach’s market reach and visibility increased. The ability to serve clients more effectively, coupled with the expanded geographical reach, positioned the coach as a leader in mental fitness assessments.
Overall, the outcomes of this project went beyond mere operational improvements, reflecting a holistic enhancement of the business model, service delivery, and client engagement in the mental fitness domain.


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A zero cost cloud based platform for mental wellness professionals to train, assess and track the mental fitness of athletes and corporate employees.

Discover the transformative journey from a week-long manual mental fitness assessment process to a cutting-edge, automated solution completed in under a minute.

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