Revolutionizing Remote Medical Care: Krixi Care’s Telemedicine Platform Expands Beyond Stroke to 23 Specialties!

Uncover the journey of Krixi Care from a pioneering stroke care telemedicine solution to a versatile platform encompassing over 23 medical specialties, reshaping access to specialized healthcare in underserved areas.


Initially addressing the urgent need for stroke care in tier 2 and tier 3 hospitals, Krixi Care identified a broader opportunity to expand its telemedicine services to a variety of medical specialties. There was a growing demand for specialized healthcare services in regions where access to expert medical professionals was limited. The challenge was to scale the platform to include a diverse range of specialties, thereby widening its impact and accessibility.


To meet this expansive demand, Krixi Care evolved into a comprehensive telemedicine platform. The strategic expansion involved:

  • Broadening the Scope of Specialties: From its beginnings in stroke care, Krixi Care rapidly expanded to include over 23 specialties. This expansion allowed hospitals and healthcare providers in remote or underserved areas to access expert consultations across a wide range of medical fields.
  • Enhancing the Platform’s Capabilities: To support this diversification, Krixi Care enhanced its platform to cater to the specific needs of various specialties. This included integrating specialized medical forms, decision support systems, and medical image review tools relevant to each specialty.
  • Robust Training and Implementation: As the platform expanded, Krixi Care maintained its focus on smooth implementation and effective training. This ensured that healthcare providers could seamlessly integrate the platform into their practice, regardless of the specialty.
  • Customization and User-Friendly Interface: Recognizing the unique requirements of different medical fields, Krixi Care developed a highly customizable and user-friendly interface. This adaptability made it easier for specialists across various fields to use the platform effectively for remote consultations and patient care.


Over 300,000 patients treated in the US and Singapore


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