Empowering Patient Voice: How Our PRO Module is Transforming Patient-Reported Health Data!

Discover how our groundbreaking PRO module is reshaping patient care by empowering patients to report their health outcomes directly, and enabling clinical registries to utilize these insights for enhancing patient care. This innovative platform bridges the gap between patient experiences and clinical practices, driving improvements in healthcare delivery based on real patient feedback.


The emergence of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) highlighted the need for more effective ways to capture and utilize patient feedback in healthcare on a periodic basis. High-quality clinical care increasingly recognized the value of patients’ perspectives on their symptoms, feelings, and treatment effects. This necessitated a platform that could accurately gather patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and integrate them into clinical data registries for comprehensive health assessments


The development of our PRO module was guided by a mobile-first philosophy for patients and an intuitive web UI for administrators. The module’s design and functionalities were tailored to ensure ease of use and accessibility:
  • Mobile-First Platform for Patients: Recognizing the importance of patient accessibility and convenience, the PRO module was developed as a mobile-first platform. This allowed patients to easily report their health outcomes using their mobile devices, ensuring that they could engage with the system wherever they were, at any time.
  • Responsive Web UI for Administrators: For Registry and Practice Administrators, the module featured a responsive web UI. This interface was designed to adapt to various screen sizes and devices, providing a seamless experience for managing PRO data.
  • Advanced Form Authoring Capabilities: A crucial feature of the admin UI was its form authoring capabilities. Administrators could create and customize PRO forms, tailoring them to specific needs and ensuring that they effectively captured the required patient data.
  • Integration with Clinical Data Registries: Once the patient-reported outcomes were collected through the mobile platform, the data was seamlessly integrated into clinical registries. This integration allowed for the computation of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and facilitated comprehensive health assessments.
  • Enhancing Patient-Centric Care and Research: The insights derived from the PRO data were pivotal in informing clinical practices, healthcare service improvements, focusing on patient-reported health outcomes and quality of life improvements.
  • Complex Logic-Driven Survey Forms: Allowing registry and practice administrators to model complex logic within survey forms to accurately capture patient feedback relevant to specific medical conditions and treatments.
  • Targeted Patient Population Identification: The module could identify patient populations relevant to specific surveys, ensuring that the right patients were prompted to provide feedback.
  • Periodic Roll-Out and Reminder Mechanisms: Surveys were rolled out periodically to patients, with an in-built reminder and follow-up mechanism to encourage consistent patient participation.
  • Evaluating Quality of Care: PRO data was pivotal in enabling registries to evaluate the quality of care rendered by providers and practices, providing valuable insights into healthcare service delivery.
The combination of a mobile-first approach for patients and a sophisticated web UI for administrators ensured that the PRO module was not only technologically advanced but also user-friendly and effective in bridging the gap between patient feedback and healthcare delivery.


  • Enhanced Patient Engagement and Feedback Accuracy: The module’s design led to increased patient engagement in reporting health outcomes, providing more accurate and comprehensive feedback.
  • Improved Care Quality Assessment: The insights gained from PRO surveys helped in assessing and enhancing the quality of care provided by healthcare practitioners.
  • Streamlined Data Collection and Analysis: The user-friendly and logic-driven design of the surveys made data collection more efficient and the analysis more insightful, contributing to better healthcare outcomes.


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