Revolutionizing Agriculture with Affordable IoT Management for Solar Pumps!

Discover 'Eye', a revolutionary IoT device management tool specifically crafted for solar water pumps. This tool brings a suite of high-tech features, including custom communication protocols, data encryption, and OTA updates, empowering farmers and officials with unparalleled data management and visualization capabilities.


The agricultural sector needed a sophisticated yet user-friendly tool to manage IoT devices, particularly for solar water pumps. There was a lack of solutions that could handle complex data streams, ensure device security, and provide actionable insights to various stakeholders, including farmers and government officials.


  • Custom IoT Communication Protocol: Tailoring communication protocols for efficient data transmission over HTTPS, SFTP, and SMS.
  • Advanced Data Ingestion: Managing streams and batches of IoT data, ensuring robust and reliable data collection.
  • Enhanced Data Security: Implementing data encryption to secure sensitive information transmitted between devices.
  • Multi-Level Data Visualization: Providing tailored data visualization tools for support teams, farmers, and government officials.
  • Hierarchical Device Ownership: Enabling device management at various levels – farm, village, and state.
  • Remote Risk Assessment: Facilitating health checks and risk assessments of IoT devices from remote locations.
  • OTA Firmware Updates: Ensuring devices remain up-to-date with over-the-air firmware updates for continuous improvement.


  • Improved Agricultural Management: Farmers and officials experienced enhanced management of agricultural resources, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Heightened Security and Performance: The tool’s focus on data security and device health significantly reduced risks and improved device performance.
  • Accessible and Actionable Insights: The data visualization capabilities provided stakeholders with easy-to-understand insights, enabling informed decision-making.


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