Transforming Healthcare Compliance: Discover Our Groundbreaking Suite of Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs) authoring toolchain!

Explore how our advanced suite, featuring a revamped Clinical Measure Authoring Tool, VSAT, and Data Dictionary, paved the way for new standards in healthcare compliance and measure development, meeting today's challenging demands in healthcare data management.


Faced with an outdated technology stack and the need for more comprehensive value sets, our clinical measure authoring team required a modernized toolset. The existing tools lacked the capabilities to meet the advanced demands of today’s healthcare data management. Our initiative was to rebuild these tools from the ground up, incorporating a wider range of value sets beyond those available in the CMS’s standard offerings, to provide a more robust and flexible solution for clinical measure development.


In redesigning our Clinical Measure Authoring Tool, we took inspiration from the Measure Authoring Tool (MAT) used widely in the healthcare industry. Our tool was developed to enable measure authors to create electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs) using Clinical Quality Language (CQL) and the Quality Data Model (QDM), or CQL and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR). CQL is a high-level language designed for expressing clinical criteria, while QDM and FHIR are standards for representing healthcare data.

Our tool’s enhanced capabilities allowed authors to express complex eCQM logic with greater precision and clarity. The integration of CQL with QDM and FHIR ensured that our tool was equipped to handle a wide range of clinical scenarios and data types, making it versatile and robust for diverse healthcare environments. Additionally, we incorporated features for exporting eCQMs in various formats, catering to different data reporting and analysis needs.

To complement this, the Value Set Authoring Tool (VSAT) and Data Dictionary (DD) were developed. VSAT provided a dynamic platform for creating and managing detailed value sets, essential in defining the parameters of clinical measures. The DD offered a comprehensive repository for standardized data definitions, supporting consistency and accuracy across the developed measures.

This holistic approach ensured that our suite not only facilitated the authoring of compliant and relevant eCQMs but also streamlined the entire process of clinical data management, setting new benchmarks in the field.


Over 600 measures were authored and enhanced using the MAT toolchain


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Cloud toolchain

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Third party tools


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