Transforming clinical measures computation with cloud native BigData pipeline

A leading healthcare provider wanted to transform their clinical measures computation process to be more efficient and cost effective. The existing process was built on a MSSQL, stored procedures and C# based toolchain.

SurgeOn: The Pioneering Social Media Haven for Surgeons!

Introducing SurgeOn, a mobile-first social media platform designed exclusively for surgeons. This app merges the functionalities of mainstream social media platforms to offer a unique virtual space for surgical collaboration, featuring specialty-focused communities and hosting regular webinars and hybrid conferences.

Empowering Patient Voice: How Our PRO Module is Transforming Patient-Reported Health Data!

Discover how our groundbreaking PRO module is reshaping patient care by empowering patients to report their health outcomes directly, and enabling clinical registries to utilize these insights for enhancing patient care. This innovative platform bridges the gap between patient experiences and clinical practices, driving improvements in healthcare delivery based on real patient feedback.

Transforming Healthcare Compliance: Discover Our Groundbreaking Suite of Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs) authoring toolchain!

Explore how our advanced suite, featuring a revamped Clinical Measure Authoring Tool, VSAT, and Data Dictionary, paved the way for new standards in healthcare compliance and measure development, meeting today’s challenging demands in healthcare data management.

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